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Welcome to Week of Outfits, a regular column wherein I ask stylish women with closets filled with thrifted, vintage, and sustainable clothes to document their outfits for a week. Today’s installment features Ann Marie Elaban. A wannabe photo stylist and Bon Appetit Enthusiast, she shares home, lifestyle, fashion, and recipe-related content on her blog, The Golden Standard



Jacket // Levi trucker jacket from Avalon Exchange
Tee // 2000’s Harley Davidson tee from Benni Vintage
Skirt // Target
Boots // Nordstrom Rack


This skirt is one of my most recent purchases. I try to buy thrifted or sustainable brands, but sometimes it’s just not realistic for me. I bought this skirt from Target because it’s a piece that I know I will wear over and over again. I took it with me on my recent trip to Cuba, and I wore it with sandals and a tank almost every day. It was 80 and sunny in Cuba, but today it’s freezing, so I’m wearing it with a tee and a trucker jacket. When it’s really really cold, I wear leggings underneath this skirt and throw on a turtleneck. There are just so many ways to mix and match it. So, to me, it makes it worth buying from a name brand store. I have a similar skirt to this that I got in 2010 that I had to recently retire because it was threadbare. I’m sure this guy will last me just as long!



Cargo Jacket // Gap
Fanny Pack // Target
Dress // Thrifted Zara
Leggings // Target
Sneakers // Converse


Today I spent the day working at home and baking cookies. I did make a run to the thrift store, so I threw on my trusty fanny pack so I could shop hands-free. This dress is one of my most recent thrift finds. It’s another piece that I took on my Cuba trip because it’s seasonless and versatile. I love wearing it with leggings and sneakers like this, but it also looks great with booties and my long wool coat if I feel like dressing up. It’s a new staple in my closet!



Teddy Coat // Nordstrom Rack
T-shirt // An heirloom I stole from my boyfriend in high school
Sweater // Handknit by me! Pattern via Wool and The Gang
Jeans // Thrifted Tommy Hilfiger
Sneakers // Vans


I work from home, so I have to be honest, I don’t often get dressed unless I have something planned for the day! Today I’m just running errands, working on some blog posts, and trying to cook something new for dinner, so I kept things comfortable and relaxed. I don’t usually find jeans at the thrift store, but these were a major score. I bought these on a whim without even trying them on! I need some jeans that I could get dirty while I painted. Ironically they’re the only clothing item I have specifically for painting, and they have no paint stains. I cut the holes in these myself, and I gave them the raw hem, so they’re a little more casual and a little less 90s. I’m wearing them today with some layers because I get really hot and really cold in my apartment throughout the day. This sweater was the first piece of clothing I ever knit for myself. It’s made out of this cool yarn from Wool and The Gang. The yarn is spun from wasted denim fibers and scraps that are a byproduct of the denim industry.



Teddy Coat // Nordstrom Rack
Scarf // Urban Outfitters
T-shirt // Madewell via ThredUp
Jeans // Thrifted
Boots // Nordstrom Rack


In life, my number one goal is to look effortless and be comfortable. My uniform is jeans and a t-shirt which is probably why I have so many pairs of denim and so many t-shirts. This tee is one of my favorites because it’s the perfect pinkish-orange color. I found it on ThredUp for $8, and I pretty much wear it once a week. These jeans are another thrift store find. I love these because they’re a great length for me, and they make my legs look really long when I wear them with these heeled booties.



Jacket // Target
Sweater // H&M
Jeans // H&M
Boots // Nordstrom Rack


Sharing this week of outfits with you guys has been an admittedly hard task so far. This series features so many amazing women who wear sustainable and thrifted pieces on the daily. I’ve always thought of myself as a big thrifter and an advocate for sustainable living. Still, as I’m going through each day, I’m realizing that the clothing items that I have that fall into the ‘sustainable’ category are few and far between. However, I think that I am a pretty deliberate and intentional shopper. I find pieces I know that will be versatile in my wardrobe, and I make them last. Having fewer clothes, but clothes that I wear a lot, in my opinion, is better than having a lot of thrifted items that I never wear. So while nothing in this outfit is specifically thrifted or from a sustainable fashion brand, I think it’s important to note that these are all pieces I’ve had well over two years and that I wear almost every week. These pants are a seasonless staple that I bought to round out my wardrobe. I wear these in the fall with blouses and booties, I regularly wear them in the summer with tank tops and sandals, and in the spring I often sport them with colored mules and a white tee. This sweater I wear all the time with skirts and dresses, but I also wear it with a pair of Converse and jeans when I’m working at home. I think it’s important to point out that having less is a big part of sustainability as well!



Wool trench // Thrifted
Denim // Gap
Boots // Nordstrom Rack


I wasn’t joking when I said that I live in jeans and a t-shirt! Since this is my go-to, I try to find basics that I really love, and that fit well. I’m a tall gal (5’11”), and it wasn’t until this past year that I started buying tall fit jeans. It’s amazing how much better things look and feel when they’re the right size for you! This tee is from a sustainable brand called Lacausa. It’s my go-to black tee because the material feels just right, and the fit is perfect. I wear it all the time and wash it all the time, and the black hasn’t faded at all. I don’t often buy sustainable brands because they’re expensive, so when I do, I search the sale racks. This tee I found at a boutique in Cincinnati on sale for $30 from it’s original $70 price tag, which is still a bit pricey for me. I’m thrilled I took the plunge on it though because it is the best quality. Plus, I feel my best in a black tee, so it makes sense to spend a little bit of money on it. This coat you may have seen over on my Instagram, it’s a Reformation dupe that I thrifted for $2, and it’s been a fun way to spice up my t-shirt and jeans combo. To complete the look, my favorite booties! I’m going out with some friends tonight, so I’ll probably dress up this look a bit by adding some necklaces and earrings!



Teddy coat // Nordstrom Rack
Jeans // Thrifted
Sneakers // Vans
Tote // Baggu


Today I braved the grocery store (It’s super bowl Sunday) for some random things I needed for baking this week. I love sharing my cooking endeavors over on my Instagram! I’ve been making lots of cookies lately as a fun way to learn more about baking. Plus, taking a trip to the grocery store around the corner from my apartment is the best way to clear my head. I love making lists, getting outside and walking a little, and then walking up and down each aisle of the store. It’s my happy place. I try to remember to bring my tote with me every time, but sometimes I forget. Today, my trusty Baggu matched my outfit perfectly, so I remembered!


Thank you, Ann Marie!


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