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It’s that time of year again when your calendar fills up, and it is socially acceptable to wear sequins and velvet every damn day! The holidays are a delightful time to get dressed because if anyone suggests that you are “slightly overdressed,” you can retort back that they “clearly aren’t embracing the festive spirit” and leave it at that. If you are anything like me, around this time of year, I instinctually start pining for all the textures – lace, leather, velvet, sequins, and faux fur. Even better if they can all be combined in one outfit.

Over the weekend, I went thrifting for some holiday party pieces that I could wear with other items in my wardrobe for all the non-existent events that I am (somehow) anticipating attending. Even if I am just staying at home, I am going to look the part because I found nine beautiful pieces that I already styled into eight outfits. And! You can see them all in today’s thrift haul!

To give you even more holiday outfit inspo, I asked the three lovely ladies from our “Week Of Outfits” series to share one of their winter party looks. All three are insanely stylish, and I love their three completely different ensembles. Welcome back to the site Nicole, Arbela, and Jill!


Everything thrifted apart from Nike sneakers.


“The holidays are few and far between, so for me, it’s a special time to get extra dressed up and have fun while still being comfortable in something for 12+ hours! I chose a slip dress because even though it might be chilly outside, I usually always get toasty at family events, so I won’t mind my bare legs! Adding a vintage cropped blazer was the bold statement I was going for. It’s unique and festive, and everything extra! Then you add the trendy aspect with the sneakers, and it’s a game-changer! The holidays are a special time to get festive and show up with an outfit that expresses you, brings you joy and joy to those who see you too!”


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Sweater: Thrifted
Velvet Pants: Thrifted
Boots: Old Navy
Headband: Etsy, GrandBloomShop
Earrings: Thrifted
Jacket & Purse: Hand-me-down from Mom


“There’s a lot of directions you can go in for a holiday party look, and I’m pretty much open to all of them, everything from glamorous to cozy. I guess my only rule is you need something velvet? All in all, my instinct told me to go with a more comfy look with tons of fun accessories — including a bold red blazer and glittery gold purse I “borrowed” from my mom’s closet…”


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70’s black sequin beret
Vintage braided choker
70’s mixed metals clutch
80’s satin blouse with lace and pearl Puritan collar
70’s high-waisted black velvet trousers
80’s black leather boots


“I don’t “dress-up” dress-up often,  but when I do, I like to tune into the vibes of a particular inspiration. This holiday I’m feeling very Bianca Jagger. She’s equal parts feminine/masculine…romantic but bad-ass. I love that period of the ’70s when she reigned as queen. All vintage, I combined a lot of glam textures….metallics, velvet, satin and lace…and of course sequins.”


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Come Thrift With Me For Holiday Party Outfits


Thank you so much for the outfit inspo ladies!

What is your go-to holiday party look this year?

Let us know in the comments below!


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