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Hello! Hope you all had a good weekend and are staying warm! Initially, I was supposed to go to LA over the weekend to attend a sustainable fashion conference. However, two days before, the organizers canceled the entire thing (REALLY NOT IMPRESSED) and so I decided not to go so that I could make a big dent in my to-do list. All the changes in the site are exciting, but keeping me busier than ever, and I knew that going away for five days would put me way behind. I was able to keep a tiny amount of my flight credit, so I will probably go out to LA in January or February for some much-needed sunshine. Despite this annoyance and disappointment (I bought my conference ticket back in August!), I ended up having a really lovely, relaxed, yet productive weekend.

Friday night was spent transcribing an interview (which will be posted on the site tomorrow), and Saturday, we checked out the Cleveland Flea’s Holiday Mini Market at the Van Aken Center. Yesterday we headed to Garfield Park for an afternoon hike. R & I are doing the “Cleveland Metroparks Challenge” and aiming to visit all 18 by Thanksgiving 2020. This one was number 2, so we still have a longgg way to go, but it feels so good to be outside that I have full confidence we will get it done. Here’s what else I’m loving this week: 



I don’t follow too many people on Spotify, but when I came across Elizabeth Ann Hyland’s Spotify playlists earlier this year, I knew that her curation was right up-my-alley. In fact, I often find myself listening to her playlists more than my own! Whereas mine tend to be all over the place (not surprising), hers are the kind that when you press play, you know that everything is within the same sound. Her “Autumn Mood” playlist has been the perfect daily background for the past few weeks, but I am excited to move into her “Winter” one now that there is snow on the ground. Although personally, it is a little too early for me, she also has a holiday one ready to go. Do you have any people you love following on Spotify? I would love some more recommendations!



You know when you stumble across something, and you are just so unsure of why you have never heard of it before? That is how I felt when I arrived on Lissome’s website. I had been looking for interviews with Clare Press (host of the podcast Wardrobe Crisis), which is what introduced me to this magazine (you can read her interview here). Instantly, I knew that this was a publication for me. Founded in spring 2016 and based in Berlin, Lissome focuses on mindful fashion through beautifully-shot editorials, interviews with people in the sustainability field, and slow living articles. Due to the success of their website, the team is now moving into printed issues, and the first one is ready for pre-order



Since we finished Mindhunter on Saturday night, there has been a noticeable absence in my life. I don’t think I have ever become so invested in a show! The Netflix series is based on the true story of the FBI agents who pioneered the science of profiling serial killers, and many of the murderers featured on the show are based on real-life individuals. (This is a good article if you want to know what is fact and what is fiction.) Unlike the vast majority of the population, I don’t consider myself a true crime buff, but I found this show both fascinating and spine-chilling. In part, because of the fantastic character development of the FBI agents. That being said, we were really disappointed by the ending of season 2 (and the lame storyline they gave the lead female), so I am hoping that there is a season 3 to keep things going!



Hopefully, one day, there will be an informative “food” section on this site because while I love to eat and regard myself as a full-on foodie, I have NO cooking skills whatsoever. I am working on that, though! About a month ago, I purchased Liz Moody’s Healthier Together because I liked that the recipes were specifically for two people. Over the past couple of weeks, we have cooked two different recipes from it (sweet potato tostadas with refried black beans & creamy pepita cilantro sauce and Mexican street corn and quinoa bowls), which have both turned out delicious! However, due to my elementary skills, the recipes are pretty time-consuming, which is why we haven’t done more. I need to get another more basic cookbook for weeknights when we don’t have hours for me to learn how to chop. LOL. 



Some of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe are Tibi pieces. The brand makes some of the most versatile yet fashion-forward designs on the market, with each piece crafted from the highest-quality materials. The vibe is clean, cool, relaxed, and feminine, meaning that these are items you can easily envision wearing over and over again. The founder of Tibi Amy Smilovic knows what she is doing when it comes to wearable fashion, which is why I was so excited to find her Instagram account. On it, she posts daily-ish outfits (all mirror selfies!) and tons of style advice in her Insta-stories. I don’t know too many designers who are so active on social media, so it feels really cool to have her as an online friend. 


Links I Love

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8. The outrageous, deeply sexist history of the pantsuit.

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10. How a little girl’s ‘pretty dresses’ became one of the most significant gifts to the Met.


Word of the Week

Equanimity (n)  – mental calmness, composure, and evenness of temper, especially in a difficult situation


Let me know what you have been loving this week!

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