Five Highlights From October


Well hello there! How are you doing this Tuesday morning? I used to love writing these monthly highlights posts, so I thought I would revive the series and chat through the best moments from the past four weeks. October has been a really lovely fall month, with international travel, lots of Cleveland exploration, and my birthday! Plus, in order to make this site more of a community (and less about me), I made lots of tweaks to the blog and created a separate Instagram account for the new content. Now I am attempting to produce more content than ever before and I am so excited about the direction that we are heading  – but it means that there is lots of work to be done. What else have I been up to this month? Well, have a read…



A Dreamy Trip To Rome. At this point, you are probably fully aware that R and I spent a dreamy few days in Rome at the beginning of the month to celebrate our anniversary (vlog here). But, it couldn’t not be talked about in my highlights of the month. In fact, it was one of the highlights of the year. I recapped everything we did, saw, and ate in my Rome city guide, so all that is left to say is that there is nothing more special than seeing the world with someone you love. Also, I feel really lucky that I have a partner with whom I am just as excited to stay at home as I am to travel with. I never really believed that was a possibility for me; but, it very much is.



Sustainability On The Mind. Half-way through the month, I attended the Sustainable Cleveland 2019 Summit, a day-long conference that brings over 500 residents, local businesses, and leaders together to discuss developing a more sustainable Cleveland region. This year some of the key priorities included the circular economy, 100% renewable energy, trees & green spaces, sustainable transportation, and clean water. It was my first insight into the sustainability movement that is well under-way in Cleveland and I was excited to see and hear from so many passionate individuals who are working hard in all niches to improve this city. After taking part in many discussions, I came away feeling motivated and inspired to get more involved with the larger movement in Cleveland. For example, one of the greatest recent initiatives in Cleveland is the Hunger Network’s Food Rescue which seeks to reduce food waste, fight hunger in the community, and promote environmental sustainability. Through the app, locals can be alerted when restaurants and grocery stores have food to be picked up and then they can drive it to local partners who distribute the healthy food to those in need.



Cleveland Explorations. While there is nothing better than having your regular haunts, I still think it is important to switch things up and try new places. R & I balance each other out in this way because he can happily go to the same places over and over again, whereas I always want something new – so we try to compromise. This month we did some exploring and found a few new places that we loved. A Mediterranean-inspired Saturday brunch at Astoria Cafe & Market was absolutely delicious and I had a girls dinner at Ha-Ahn, which turned into a Korean feast. One Friday evening I attended the grand opening of the new Océanne store which is dreamy. Another Friday night I spent at Appletree Books listening to a local electronic group, No Exit. Turns out, there is a lot of cool store going on in Cle every month.



Warm Automation. Kind of a ridiculous highlight, but a highlight no less, R automated the fire! Now, I can switch on my favorite thing in the house through my iPhone. MIND-BLOWN. It is going to be a good winter!


Friends, Family & My Birthday. October is my birthday month – yes, I am a Scorpio – which means I am now officially 27! Although I love organizing things, I am not a big fan of doing things for my birthday. However, this year, I put on my big-girl boots and organized a little get-together in the party room at one of my favorite restaurants, The Fairmount. Over the past few months, I have met loads of lovely new people, and I figured this was a great way to get everyone together. It warmed my heart to see some of my old high-school friends mingle with some of my new friends, and it reminded me how good it feels to bring people together – whatever the occasion! My friend Brittany from Sugar Me Desserterie baked me the most beautiful red-velvet cake, and we all ate, drank, and laughed for the entire evening. Thank you to everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday!! I felt very loved all week long!


What are some of your highlights from October?


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